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Knowledge Management Portal

Mismanaged content, poorly organized documentation, and difficult-to-use search interfaces and algorithms are time wasters at best and innovation-blockers at worst. Organizations need an effective, efficient way to manage large volumes of content and get it to the people who need it when it matters most.

SinglePoint can solve your knowledge management needs.

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“Having everything available in one global market research collection produced productivity and financial gains that exceeded even our high expectations for the knowledge management system. But what we really discovered was how many business decisions and outcomes could be impacted with the right market research portal solution. That was the big win.”

-Director of Market Research

Today, knowledge management is  a fundamental requirement for any successful business. Understanding what you know, what you don’t, where your gaps are, and what extrapolations you can make from your available data is imperative for market-leading innovation. Your workforce needs to identify this information quickly and reliably. Give your decision-makers the ability to check their gut instincts with data by making all your intelligence and research easy to find, digest, and put into practice.

Make better business decisions when you turn data into insights.

Make Better Decisions

Assumptions and guesswork have no place in today’s swiftly-changing business landscape. You need to make decisions based on data, previous experience, and industry expertise. With all your pertinent intelligence and research together in one knowledge management platform, your decisions benefit from actual experience, large sample sizes, and best practices gleaned from experts.

Perform Business-Critical Tasks Efficiently

The tasks that make or break your business need the support of data, knowledge, and intelligence. Analyze market and consumer trends, assess markets, benchmark against competitors, and create the products your market is demanding with confidence. All of your research, social data, and consumer intelligence is available with a quick and easy search.

Innovate Continuously

When teams share information and work from the same page, it’s easier to plan a strategy, agree on tactics, and execute effectively. Knowledge management gives your teams easy access to documentation that solves common problems or answers common questions so they can spend their time on strategy and execution. Increase your rate of innovation and employee productivity with targeted, useful, timely information in one place.

Avoid Duplicate Efforts

Under-communication happens all the time in large organizations, and the right hand doesn’t always know what the left is doing. Knowledge management is a prime solution to this ubiquitous challenge. When teams across the business access a common portal, you can avoid duplicate subscriptions, issues of restricted access, and redundant efforts to secure the same information. Everyone in your organization has the access they need to relevant market intelligence, research, social data and more.

Learn how SinglePoint can help you finally find your stuff.

The ways SinglePoint dashboards present information include:

Automated Insights Reports

  • SinglePoint actually “reads” the documents on your search result, identifies key ideas, then writes a report on the fly revealing insights your team is likely to find relevant.

“More Like This”

  • Select documents of interest from the original search results list, click the “More Like This” button, and SinglePoint rewrites the search query to automatically generate a new, refined search of the topic.

Recommended Reading List

  • Based on what you download, SinglePoint will build a smart search agent that will generate its own content recommendations for you.

SinglePoint Arcitecture

SinglePoint is a machine learning powered enterprise knowledge management platform optimized for market research and competitive intelligence.  SinglePoint strategic research portals seamlessly integrate and search any number of internal, licensed external, news, video, social media, and government sources with single-sign-on ease. The result is a securely hosted, turnkey market and customer intelligence solution that is fully deployed in just 90 days.

knowledge management platform

SinglePoint Value Proposition for Knowledge Managers:

More effective distribution and sharing of market research and competitive intelligence insights

Manage premium content subscriptions more easily and effectively, and avoid duplicate internal primary market research studies

Support workforce trend that strongly favors browse-to-content over search-for-content

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