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Primary Research Manager

Primary Research Manager is a comprehensive system for managing primary market research projects. Built on our SinglePoint platform, it organizes your workflow and documents for even the most complex projects. 

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Lower the cost of your market research

Market research is a multi-million dollar investment for enterprise businesses. Northern Light’s Workflow Manager can ensure that your company follows best practices, uses only the approved company methodology, automates and documents required approvals, tracks compliance requirements, eliminates duplicate research, shares market research across the organization with proper authentication.

Eliminate teams’ ability to circumvent the process

Complex, arduous approval processes with irrelevant steps motivate teams to circumvent the process to get to their goal faster. Instead, Primary Research Manager applies the proper approval process, allowing project owners to skip unnecessary steps while documenting workflow steps and requiring key steps to be completed. 

“Stay out of jail” card

Pharmaceutical companies are subject to strict compliance rules with hefty fines and personal accountability for executives. With each country’s laws differing, it’s a global minefield! Or, it used to be! By combining Primary Research Manager with the Compliance Engine you can compete in a compliant manner. Create questions for Suppliers and Project Owners based on research type and country and automate compliance reviews.

Here’s what Primary Research Manager Does Best

Save 10% of your primary research budget

Market research is a multi-million dollar investment for enterprise businesses.  Northern Light’s Primary Research Manager can ensure that your company eliminates duplicate research, and shares market research across the organization so your investment is put to good use!

Provides progress transparency from anywhere

Conducting market research projects takes many steps and crosses many desks from Marketing to Compliance to Finance. Primary Research Manager allows stakeholders to easily view every project’s progress from project initiation, business approval, supplier RFP and selection, compliance review, project execution, final review, and sharing across the authorized users of the company.  

Removes compliance concerns

Multinational companies are at constant risk of tripping compliance triggers in any one of the countries in which they do business – with significant financial and even personal consequences for executives.  Combining Primary Research Manager with Compliance Engine creates a process that knows each country’s laws, prevents mishaps, and creates an audit trail.

Makes everyone’s jobs easier

Everyone is being asked to “do more with less”.  With a global workforce, it’s vital that your approval process allows for multiple users – including the suppliers actually executing your projects – with various user rights and sign-off permissions.  Primary Research Manager has user categories such as project owners and approvers, compliance reviewers, supplier users, portal administrators and market research team members.

Primary Research Manager at a Glance

Eliminate Process Circumvention

  • Execute all market research projects with the approved company methodology

Align Research with Enterprise Goals

  • Make sure the research conducted delivers on the business needs

Save Money

  • Save 10% of the cost of primary market research by ensuring best practices and no duplicated research

Process Transparency

  • Increase management control of market research project schedules

Democratize Information

  • Share market research across the organization (to authorized users)

Satisfy Regulators

  • Comply with GDPR, CCPA, and industry professional standards

Create Audit Trails

  • Demonstrate your adherence to company policy and compliance standards

“Without Northern Light’s Compliance Engine there is no way we could track our compliance performance across the thirteen countries, 1500 projects and 10,000 market research documents we generate every year.” – Global Head of Market Research

Discover how the Primary Research Manager with Compliance Engine helped a client overcome slowdown and inefficiencies caused by manual compliance checks that put new product development on the backburner.

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