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Case Studies

Market Intelligence

The Problem

Client licenses 35 different syndicated subscription market intelligence sources. Thousands of users inside the company could benefit from the market intelligence being licensed in departments like product management, marketing management, key account sales, product development, and M&A. But users don’t use many of the sources because it is too laborious to manually search 35 different sources one at a time. Collecting and collating usage data across the sources is difficult because the content publishers hold all the data, making it hard to balance subscription cost with value.

Client Objectives:

  1. Reduce time and effort to locate relevant information to quickly make smart business decisions
  2. Eliminate searching of multiple sites and the need for multiple passwords
  3. Improve knowledge management and increase employee productivity
  4. Increase content usage
  5. Consolidate content usage statistics
  6. Reduce infrastructure costs and legal exposure
  7. Eliminate duplicate research projects and purchases
research and development

Advanced technology from Northern Light and strong team collaboration achieved ROI of millions of dollars annually. Using market and industry research via SinglePoint has become part of our employees average work day.”

Program Manager, Market Intelligence

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What Northern Light does:

  • Created and operates a market intelligence research portal that aggregates and indexes all of the subscription research from all of the licensed content providers
  • Provides seamless click through to the market research reports, including management of subscription rights, so that only authorized users can see any particular report


  • Users of market intelligence increased from 5,000 to 23,000 in two years, spanning all businesses, geographies, and job functions
  • 97% of market intelligence content was integrated automatically by Northern Light
  • 90% of market intelligence purchases are now centralized. Reduced secondary market research purchases by 10% by avoiding duplicate license agreements
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