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The Northern Light Knowledge Center offers resources for our SinglePoint, Business News, and Discovery products, as well as our advanced business search technologies and custom content aggregator services. If there is a topic in the Knowledge Center that you’d like to pursue in more depth, or one that is not listed in this Knowledge Center, please let us know.


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Partnering with Northern Light

Northern Light is a great partner with our clients’ IT departments. We do all of the heavy lifting as well as the specialized detailed work involved in launching and maintaining a strategic research portal serving a demanding enterprise audience. Our client IT departments are free to set policy that Northern Light implements. We have been in this business for many years – and only this business – serving the largest enterprises globally. This experience and expertise makes Northern Light a seasoned enterprise asset.

Northern Light effortlessly brings an ease of end-user experience that would otherwise come at a high cost to IT. Northern Light does all the work to set up the research portal, maintain it, and to keep it up and running at a performance level that users have come to expect. Our clients’ marketing strategy, competitive intelligence, and market analysis professionals get first-rate market intelligence content service in an equally first-rate technical implementation that is “hands-free” for their IT.