SinglePoint: unified search and access across all your market intelligence sources

Unrelated content sources act as one with unified search, analytics, and access solutions.  Industry-shaped secure enterprise portals unify the full range of your business information and market intelligence sources – in any combination — enabling the highest quality business decisions in market research, competitive intelligence, and marketing strategy.
“Northern Light is right there at the intersection of business content and search technology. No one but Northern Light thinks about the use of content.” –  Director of Knowledge Management and SinglePoint client

Why Northern Light?

Northern Light is the only company that applies unified business search technology and content aggregator services to industry-specific market research challenges across all market intelligence sources, and we are dedicated to being the easiest company you’ve ever worked with.

Our absolutely unique relationship with 150+ analyst and market research firms for full text indexing of all their licensed material offers our clients single sign on unified search across subscribed material, as well as internal market intelligence sources such as SharePoint documents, primary market research, competitive intelligence content, Business News, and web content in any combination.

Context-specific, cross-source unified search and analytic market intelligence solutions are tailored by industry for high tech, telecom, life sciences, finance, consumer packaged goods, logistics, and manufacturing industries.  Role based tailoring directly addresses the interests of competitive intelligence, market research, and customer engagement professionals, sales account teams, executive decision makers, analyst relations practitioners, and product managers. Acting as a research management tool for primary and secondary market research, SinglePoint maximizes client investment in market research and market intelligence sources.

FreePint Reviews SinglePoint

“There are very few companies, if any, which can aggregate web news, secondary research and a client’s own internal market research content and Northern Light is unique in being able to operate on both sides of the firewall to harvest this content …” – FreePint: Review of Northern Light SinglePoint, November 2013.