Northern Light Introduces IT Analyst Events Radar

SinglePoint™ strategic research portals now contain searchable information about more than 500 IT analyst conferences, webinars and podcasts

CAMBRIDGE, MA, June 28, 2011 – Northern Light ( today introduced “IT Analyst Events Radar”, a new content set for subscribers to its SinglePoint™ strategic research portals.  IT Analyst Events Radar provides SinglePoint users information about more than 500 conferences, webinars and podcasts produced by 80 information technology (IT) industry research firms. It augments Northern Light’s unique, full-text-indexed $1 billion repository of IT industry research reports, which SinglePoint users can search comprehensively through a single query.

IT Analyst Events Radar listings include the event date, location, sponsor, title, focus area, contact information, and a link to the relevant website.  All listings can be sorted and browsed within SinglePoint.

Currently, employees often don’t know what events are available from the IT research firms to which their company subscribes.  In many cases, analyst webinars and podcasts are free to clients of the sponsoring IT research firm.  By providing a central location where employees can get information about all upcoming events, Northern Light expects utilization of these events will increase dramatically, which will benefit both the information provider and the recipient.

“We have seen from the pilot deployment of IT Analyst Events Radar that it can drive significant incremental value for an enterprise from its industry analyst subscriptions,” Northern Light CEO C. David Seuss said.  “One company saw its analyst interactions increase 30 percent in the first month.”

Northern Light’s SinglePoint strategic research portal is the only turnkey enterprise search application that provides centralized search, analysis, and access for diverse sources of internal, external, and licensed market intelligence. SinglePoint portals are used by many of the world’s leading research-driven companies in IT, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, financial services and other industries for competitive intelligence and market research, strategic planning, product development, marketing, and sales.  Northern Light also offers a SinglePoint “dashboard” tool, which lets organizations immediately publish specific content on time-sensitive strategic topics for audiences whose focus needs to be on tasks other than research.  SinglePoint dashboards provide executives a snapshot of key information needed to make business decisions, and to stay current on developments in their company and industry sector.

About Northern Light

Northern Light has been providing strategic research portals, business research content, and search technology to global enterprises since 1996.  Northern Light’s current clients include Fortune 100 market leaders in information technology, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, energy, financial services and insurance, transportation, retailing, and electronics. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a development center in St. Petersburg, Russia, Northern Light Group LLC is a profitable, privately-held, self-funded company with more than 50 employees.


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