Research Portal Provider Northern Light Becomes Charter Member of Stevens Institute of Technology’s Newly-Established Center for Complex Systems and Enterprises

BOSTON, Feb. 5, 2013 – Northern Light ( has joined the Center for Complex Systems and Enterprises (CCSE), launched recently by Stevens Institute of Technology, as a charter member. The other CCSE charter member is Lockheed Martin.

CCSE is an interdisciplinary initiative designed to foster new research and education in systems science and engineering and to create innovative solutions to manage complexity. Its primary focus is the development of mathematical and computational models of complex enterprises to guide the decision making of business leaders and policymakers in healthcare delivery, financial systems, sustainable energy and national security.

“We are delighted to have Northern Light as a charter member of CCSE,” Dr. William Rouse, the Alexander Crombie Humphreys Chair of Economics in Engineering at Stevens and the inaugural director of the CCSE, said. “Northern Light’s expertise and technology mesh well with CCSE’s mission to develop powerful tools, technologies and solutions to drive forward strategic policy and management decisions.”

“It is an honor to be closely associated with a prestigious institution like Stevens, and to help advance the innovative work of CCSE,” Northern Light CEO C. David Seuss said.  “Understanding complex systems and issues involves strategic research and analysis of massive repositories of knowledge from many organizations. With Northern Light’s meaning extraction technology, we hope to contribute to the advancement of the mission of the CCSE.”

In the commercial domain, meaning extraction is beginning to be applied by companies to search electronic document repositories and various online resources to dramatically improve and accelerate a researcher’s ability to gain insight into a topic and answer specific research questions, according to Seuss. The technology is incorporated into Northern Light’s SinglePoint™ strategic research portals. SinglePoint portals enable integrated search and automated analysis of a company’s primary and licensed secondary market and technical research, as well as other industry news and information that is valuable for competitive intelligence, strategic planning, product development, and other business functions.

About Stevens Institute of Technology

Founded in 1870, Stevens Institute of Technology lives at the intersection of industry, academics and research. The university’s students, faculty and partners leverage their collective real-world experience and culture of innovation, research and entrepreneurship to confront global challenges in engineering, science, systems and technology management. Stevens offers baccalaureate, masters, certificates and doctoral degrees in engineering, the sciences and management, in addition to baccalaureate degrees in business and liberal arts. For more information, visit

About Northern Light

Northern Light has been providing strategic research portals, business research content, and search technology to global enterprises since 1996.  Northern Light’s current clients include Fortune 100 market leaders in information technology, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, energy, financial services, transportation, retailing, and consumer products. Northern Light is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.


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