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Software as a Service to the Rescue: Part 3 – Make the IT Department the Hero, Not the Goat

Some enterprise computing applications, such as manufacturing systems, financial reporting, and email, will always be the responsibility of a centralized IT organization.  But some applications are ideal for other IT delivery models. Continue reading Software as a Service to the Rescue: Part 3 – Make the IT Department the Hero, Not the Goat

8 Risks of Managing Licensed Content Across an Enterprise

 Over the years, I’ve spoken and written frequently about the challenges of managing and extracting maximum value from licensed market research across an enterprise.  It’s a complicated (and potentially risky) endeavor — especially when content from multiple third-party publishers is involved, which is typically the case at global, research-driven organizations.  My latest on this topic is posted at AIIM president John Mancini’s “Digital Landfill” blog —  Check it out and let me know what you think.

IT in crisis

IT organizations are in crisis.  In the name of control, standards, security, and economies of scale centralized IT organizations have taken over many tasks that were previously managed in whole and in part by business units and functional departments.  As a result, IT budgets have been growing faster than corporate revenues for many years.  But that task was never doable; no single organization can support the nuance of every use-case across an entire enterprise with a toolkit of, by necessity, standardized lowest-common-denominator solutions.  And now that the financial crisis of 2008 is hitting 2009 corporate budgets, cutting deeply into IT resources, what was undoable has become unimaginable.  The massively centralized IT process has become the bottleneck that affects every project, product, operational initiative and revenue plan; freezing companies into the glacier.  Continue reading IT in crisis