MI Analyst text analytics for market intelligence and strategic business analysis

“This is an Ah Ha! moment.”

– Research Director upon seeing a key relationship identified by MI Analyst

Taking text analytics to a new level, Northern Light’s MI Analyst market intelligence tool does a full-text “read” of all the research reports and articles returned on a results list, identifies the concepts and issues that they report on, and directs the business analysts or market research professional to the most interesting documents – not from a search relevance perspective, but from a meaning perspective. MI Analyst guides users to material that will meet the purposes of the search because it has been informed by detailed, context-specific taxonomies tailored to the client’s business goals and industry distinctives.

Entity extraction for research-critical market intelligence concepts

MI Analyst approaches search results armed with an understanding of each search’s most likely purpose. That purpose will differ by industry and the interests of organizations as they conduct their business. For example, a pharmaceutical company might well be interested in industry-specific findings in life sciences research; an IT services company might have a need to analyze the latest technologies in IT; and a manufacturing company might be active in discovering the marketing strategies of its competitors. Northern Light customers choose the lenses through which they will view, understand, and explore the universe of market intelligence and market research content available to their users.

  • Business concepts reflect issues of interest to business such as corporate strategy, partnerships, acquisitions, new products, pricing cuts, product and marketing strategies, companies, VC-funded companies, global markets, industries, job titles, government agencies, and strategic scenarios.
  • IT and telecom concepts surface technologies, markets, and issues such as big data, cloud computing, byod, virtualization, software-defined storage, application-aware infrastructure and a kaleidoscope of new and evolving capabilities.
  • Financial services concepts include insurance, payment cards, consumer credit, banking products, and mortgage finance.
  • Pharmaceutical concepts include drugs, diseases, medical devices, clinical trials & phases, proteins, enzymes, genes, cells, diagnosis & therapeutic techniques , human anatomy, therapeutic areas, strategy scenarios for life sciences companies, life sciences research scenarios, and sources
  • Agribusiness and chemical industry concepts encompass agribusiness economics, farms and farming, food and human nutrition, agricultural equipment, seeds, agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals.
  • Global risk concepts include fiscal imbalances, financial crises, inflation, global warming, and unemployment.

Text analytics: identification of relationships between concepts

MI Analyst discovers relationships between companies, technologies, markets, and business issues discussed in search results documents. For example: What IT technologies are on a company’s product roadmap? Which diseases are related to a disease of interest? What emerging markets are being targeted by a pharmaceutical company? With MI Analyst a product manager could conduct a search on a specific product line and have the search engine zero in on reports that describe threats to its market strategy or market share. Likewise, a market research professional might run a search to have our competitive intelligence application report which innovative new companies might emerge as threats or could present acquisition opportunities in the future.

Meaning extraction

MI Analyst identifies business strategy and market research issues contained in the documents on the search results. For example, the search engine can reveal the strategy that a company is following in a specific market segment. MI Analyst suggests the threats and opportunities regarding products, market share, pricing, new technologies, marketing partnerships, and business strategy.

The muscle behind the magic

The context-specific insight and discovery MI Analyst produces is a combined product of purposed content aggregation, our tailored search engine, and well-trained analytics engine working with pre-processed documents. For clients of our customized SinglePoint portals, Northern Light builds a meaning taxonomy, identifies concepts as well as the many different ways a single concept might be expressed, processes the repository with our research-trained search engine, examines test cases of results and then iterates for a meaning-directed search and extraction research engine.