The basics of Northern Light market intelligence solutions

“At first we thought the primary, maybe the only, users of SinglePoint would be marketing. That is so far from the truth. Sales, IT, product management, engineering, finance …At this time we have usage across all job functions, across all geographies globally.”

— Market Intelligence Manager and SinglePoint client

Northern Light provides strategic research platforms for competitive intelligence and market research insights. Our solutions combine human intelligence and information technologies to content sets that are aggregated with a clear view of the intended business purpose.

Every aspect of each market intelligence solution is designed with its intended use in mind – most often industry specific. The largest and most innovative global companies have turned to Northern Light to answer the question “How can I make the best and most efficient use of business information and market intelligence to make the highest quality business decisions?”

What we do: Northern Light market intelligence solutions and services


Northern Light’s flagship offering is an enterprise portal solution optimized for market research and competitive intelligence.  A synthesis of our technology, services, and client-specific content of all types. SinglePoint customized strategic research portals seamlessly integrate and search any number of internal, web, and licensed external sources – in any combination – with single-sign-on ease. The result is an enterprise-wide market intelligence solution, in a securely hosted, turnkey offering that is typically fully deployed in 90 days.

Business News

This low-cost, high quality, enterprise-wide news solution applies search and analytics technology that we designed for strategic business analysis to sources that we aggregate for their business value, including online business news, newswires, and industry authority blogs.


Life sciences research is first presented at conferences, months or years before it is published in peer reviewed journals. With Discovery, you can search and alert on conference presentations around the world.

Custom content aggregation services

Northern Light can aggregate, index, search, and give authorized users controlled access to any content located on any computer, in any format, in the possession of any organization, anywhere in the world. We specialize in really hard aggregation problems that have previously defied solution, so give us a call about you most difficult content requirements.

How we do it: Northern Light market intelligence enabling technologies and services

Content aggregator choices driven by the intended professional purpose and use

Search quality begins with the content searched so it is crucial to have all the content useful for a given purpose available to users in one unified user session. Northern Light can aggregate and search licensed secondary market research, internal SharePoint (and other) repositories, primary research created by outside market research contractors, business news, government databases and publications, social media, and web content in any combination.

Unique access to analyst content for 100% text indexing and analytics

Only Northern Light has immediate and complete access to all of the licensed material from 150+ analyst and research firms for full text indexing and customized analytics of complete documents. This relationship dynamic offers our clients single-sign-on and search across all the subscribed material from all of their licensed sources.

Proprietary search engine explicitly designed to meet the needs of business research

Northern Light’s search engine was designed by us from the ground up to exploit the attributes commonly found in research reports, business documents, and industry news. Because we own the search engine, we can shape and evolve it to our clients’ precise use cases for a level of business search service that far exceeds the capabilities of general purpose engines.

MI Analyst text analytics trained to industry-specific concepts and interests

Northern Light’s MI Analyst does a full-text “read” of all the research reports and articles returned on a results list, identifies the concepts and issues that they report on, and directs the user to the most interesting documents – not from a search relevance perspective, but from a meaning perspective — market intelligence (MI).

Securely hosted research portals provide turn-key ease with multi-level, enterprise grade security and access control

Northern Light has successfully and uneventfully hosted highly sensitive, large-scale SinglePoint implementations for the world’s most well-known enterprises since the year 2000. Regularly subjected to rigorous review by these industry leaders, Northern Light’s policies, practices, and procedures always meet – and frequently exceed – the standards set by our clients’ IT professionals.

Northern Light market intelligence solutions in action

Global industry leading clients

Northern Light clients comprise the largest, most well-recognized innovators from the ranks of the Fortune 100, including 10 of Boston Consulting Group’s 50 “Most Innovative Companies” of 2016.

Industries served

Northern Light’s unified business search technology and content aggregation services are applicable to any industry in which it is of value to stay current and informed across a wide array of information sources. That said, we have currently deployed solutions in industries including high tech, telecom, life sciences, health care, financial services, consumer packaged goods, hospitality, logistics, and manufacturing.

Functions served

Northern Light’s context-specific, cross-source search and analytics solutions are a natural fit for professionals involved in market research, competitive intelligence, market intelligence, technology intelligence, and customer intelligence; product management and marketing teams; sales account and enablement teams looking to hold informed business conversations with their prospects and clients; executive decision makers and their strategic planners; and analyst relations.

A record of customer delight

We bring world class technology and services to the largest enterprises in the world and we are dedicated to being the easiest company to work with anyone has ever experienced. Our clients will tell you exactly the same thing; let us put you in touch with some of them so you can find out for yourself.