Unique access to market research content

Unparalleled support of our enterprise market intelligence portals by market research content providers

Market research content is a strategic asset for many of our clients. Northern Light enjoys privileged access to billions of dollars’ worth of market research analyst content from every industry. Because content providers understand the value to their customers of integrated search across all the customer’s research sources, the content providers permit Northern Light to index the full-text of their research for mutual clients.

Northern Light is the only content aggregator permitted by these content industry leaders to index the full-text of their market research. The result is that Northern Light clients have the highest quality of market intelligence search effectiveness and quality — far superior to that produced by federated search or search of metadata only.

The names vary by industry, but there are always a set of research analyst leaders in each vertical, and Northern Light works successfully with them all. For example, Northern Light works with Forrester, IDC, Strategy Analytics, Current Analysis, Datamonitor, Ovum, Corporate Executive Board, Decision Resources, Reed Elsevier, Thomson Reuters, Trial Trove, Celent, Lexis Nexis, EBSCO and scores more. Note that some of the content suppliers we work with have policies against Northern Light listing their names on our website, so if there is one in particular you are looking for, we almost certainly have a relationship with them. So just ask us and we will send you the complete list. And if you should somehow come up with a name we are not already working with, we will add them to the SinglePoint environment for you.

Technically integrated to aggregate content

Northern Light is currently technically integrated with over 150 research analyst firms. What we mean by “technically integrated” is that we have established automated processes with each of the content providers so that as they publish new research to their own repositories, simultaneously Northern Light receives an original full-text copy to index for our SinglePoint clients.

We make no demands on the content providers in terms of technical means to aggregate the content; they can use their publishing systems, formats, metadata schemes, schedules, and delivery means. Northern Light does all the work on our side to conform to the content publishers’ systems – making it much easier for the content publishers to work with us. We work with 150 research analyst firms and we have 150 solutions for aggregating their content.

Technically integrated to deliver market research to the user

There is a second point of technical integration with each content provider. When a user clicks on a search result while using a SinglePoint enterprise market intelligence portal, Northern Light has means to log the user into the site of the content provider using the appropriate credentials for that user. We then manipulate the website, document repository and content authorization system of the provider, and deliver the requested document instantly, transparently, and automatically to the user. We maintain over 150 unique solutions for accomplishing this essential task of fulfilling the content for users from the research analyst community, one for each content provider we work with.

The content provider’s transaction system sees the event which means that the content provider loses none of the texture of the relationship the content provider has with their customer. And because “documents” are often HTML pages on the content provider’s website, the user gets the full brand experience that the provider wants the user to have. These factors also increase the support Northern Light has in the content industry for our SinglePoint solution.

Advantages of Northern Light’s integrated approach to analyst research content aggregation

Having unique access to the full-text of the analyst market research reports gives Northern Light the ability to benefit SinglePoint clients in many ways. We build a search index using our search engine for each SinglePoint client from the content delivered to us for that client by that client’s licensed sources. We apply uniform indexing, metadata, taxonomies, and text analytics to all the content from all the providers. The benefits of these practices are many:

You can search all of your sources at once – Northern Light SinglePoint delivers the ease and productivity of searching all your subscription sources at once. Without SinglePoint, if you have ten sources, you might have to log into ten websites, know ten usernames and passwords, master ten user interfaces, and manually correlate ten different search results. (Is hit 20 from Source A more or less relevant than hit two from Source B? How could you possibly tell?) With SinglePoint, searching ten licensed sources simultaneously is falling-off-a-log easy.

Search results are more complete – Northern Light can provide a full-text index of the analyst research from every content provider. Some federated search providers only search metadata from the analyst firms. Searching metadata-only means if your search terms are in the document dozens of times but not in the tiny little scrap of a summary provided in the metadata the report won’t be on your search result. With Northern Light’s approach based on our access to the full-text, your search results will have all the research published on your topic by your content suppliers.

Relevance ranking is better – Because all the content from every source is indexed by one search engine using consistent relevance algorithms optimized for research applications, Northern Light consistently surfaces the best documents to the top of the search result. With federated or meta-data only search, the content is not relevance ranked using a consistent methodology so the search results are, from a relevance viewpoint, randomized. When it comes to searching across disparate sources of market research and competitive intelligence, only Northern Light’s integrated approach can provide the high quality ranking of search results your users have come to expect based on their daily experience with web search engines.

Click through with single-sign-on ease – Authorized users can click through from the integrated SinglePoint search result to any content from any content provider.

You can use the same advanced search features for all providers – Because we index all the content from every provider with our powerful research-optimized search engine, you can use the same advanced search strategies across all the sources. You don’t have to worry if Source A supports proximity searching while Source B doesn’t, or worry if Source C supports compound Boolean expressions while Source D doesn’t. With Northern Light’s integrated approach, all material from all sources can be searched by power users using the same set of very advanced features in a single search.

The metadata and taxonomies from all providers are normalized – Northern Light applies consistent metadata and taxonomies for all providers meaning your users have a seamless experience with no surprises when they use metadata or taxonomy terms to filter search results.

Text analytics can be applied to market research from all providers – Because we have the full-text of every report you subscribe to, we can apply text analytics using MI Analyst to all the material in your portal. We can tag the company names mentioned, the technologies, the corporate strategy issues, your brands, your product names, and your sales regions. Also, we identify the relationships that your audiences might care about. (For instance, competitive intelligence such as what strategic partnerships your competitors might be forming.) Using federated search or search of metadata only, text analytics cannot be applied to the content because the aggregator does not have access to the full-text. Only Northern Light’s integrated search approach gives you the option of applying powerful text analytics to your subscribed-to content.