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AI Impact on Search

Finding What Comes After Search | Northern Light Blog

Northern Light has been talking for a while about the gradual demise of Search as the preferred mechanism for discovering market research and competitive intelligence (CI) information within the enterprise, why it’s declining, and what comes next.

A new article published on summarizes our views well. In it, the author points out that “too much important research is getting shelved into obscurity because the field of search hasn’t kept up with the times.”

In general, that’s true. However, Northern Light’s clients are avoiding this trap thanks to our pioneering work developing and deploying machine learning-enabled capabilities in our SinglePoint portals.

Describing the value of artificial intelligence (AI) applied to market research and CI, the author writes, “With the help of AI, tasks once relegated to flesh and blood researchers can be now accomplished by computers. Drawing on the latter’s pattern-forming and predictive abilities, it can observe users’ actions, discerning their interests based on what they download, share, comment or bookmark. Informed by this knowledge, an AI [application] can proactively — and without manual prompting — recommend relevant content to users. Disrupting the traditional search model to its page ranking core, content can seek out the user instead of the other way around.”

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