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Social Analytics

Why Choose Social Analytics

How to Use Social Analytics

Social Analytics is Northern Light’s AI-based tool for social media analysis for research and planning.

Twitter users post hundreds of millions of new tweets per day, using millions of hashtags, making it difficult for companies to cut through the avalanche of content to find actionable business insights.  Social Analytics provides a whole-picture view of the Twitter conversations that affect your market to help inform business decisions. No more wasting marketing dollars or time and energy on social media campaigns that don’t generate positive ROI for your company.

Northern Light Social Analytics

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Here's What Social Analytics Does Best

Informs social media marketing decisions

Analyze hashtags using machine learning-based AI and data analytics to determine what the most effective and efficient hashtags are for your social media marketing posts.  And unlike other tools, Northern Light Social Analytics quantifies the content focus, reach, and overlap so you understand exactly how relevant and important different hashtags are.  Similarly, analyze Twitter author accounts to determine which ones are the most influential with the most relevant audiences.

Focuses advertising buys

Use AI and analytics to determine which keywords and accounts will give you the most targeted reach.

Reveals competitive strategies

Analysis of Twitter post hashtags and keywords shows you what competitors are emphasizing so you can detect their strategic focus.

Finds customer insights

See how tweeters self-categorize themselves by looking at the hashtags they apply to their tweets and the keywords that they use.

Displays sentiment

See the positive and negative terms that tweeters use in their posts about a topic to understand the emotional dimensions of their tweets.

Uses machine learning-based AI

Northern Light’s innovative machine-learning based AI analyzes the content of tweets to determine if they are relevant to the topic. For example, if you are a pharmaceutical company, we can tell the difference between #cancer tweets about astrology and #cancer tweets about the disease.  For an IT company, we can tell the difference between #apple tweets about personal devices and #apple tweets about fruit.

Targets by industry

Twitter is gigantic but Northern Light boils it down for you so that you can cut through the clutter.  Social Analytics is organized by industry (IT, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Consumer Products).  We have identified the most useful hashtags, keywords, and author accounts in each industry, so you don’t have to waste your time trying to deal with an overwhelming amount of content.

Searches the market research and CI tweet database

Access a full-text search index of tens of millions of tweets selected on the basis of hashtags that are relevant for business analysis to perform ad hoc market research.

Avoids pharmaceutical regulatory Issues

The risk of adverse events prevents many pharmaceutical companies from doing social media research and analysis. As an option, Northern Light can create a version of Social Analytics that deletes references to a particular pharmaceutical company’s drugs so that the benefits of social media analysis can be realized without risk of running afoul of regulatory issues.

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Discover how Social Analytics can level-up your Twitter Strategy with AI

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