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Jinfo reviews SinglePoint: “This is the future of search”

SinglePoint Review
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Information industry research firm Jinfo recently published an in-depth review of  Northern Light SinglePoint that highlights its powerful content aggregation and AI/machine learning capabilities.  Here are five key takeaways from Jinfo’s independent assessment of Northern Light’s knowledge management portal solution:

  • “[SinglePoint] offers serious potential value through helping you get the maximum value from your internal knowledge and other external content that you subscribe to.”
  • “[SinglePoint helps] you make connections within your own content and between your content and external content you may not have seen before.”
  • “The obvious return on investment would be more engagement with content and more actions coming from that engagement.”
  • “The combination of dashboards, email alerts, RSS feeds, and newsletters means that most people’s delivery styles will be covered by SinglePoint[‘s insight distribution ecosystem].”
  • “Northern Light also recognizes that machine learning can help clients cut through the noise and hone in quickly on what is of real interest to them… This is the future of search.”
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!
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