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Northern Light to Create Custom Search and Content Aggregation Solutions for Large Enterprises

Boston-based developer of machine learning-powered knowledge management platforms launches a new service to help organizations solve their hardest search and content aggregation challenges

BOSTON, MA, March 20, 2020 — Northern Light today announced it is applying its expertise in enterprise search, content aggregation, and machine learning to create custom solutions that enable organizations to address their toughest knowledge management challenges.

Custom project work represents an additional line of business for Northern Light, which for nearly 20 years has focused exclusively on providing knowledge management platforms for competitive intelligence and market research insights to global enterprises.

One of Northern Light’s first custom solutions was announced by Global Venture, a natural resource consulting company. The solution, called Prospector, enables automated search and analysis of 43-101 reports, a national instrument for the Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects within Canada, which are required of Canadian mineral exploration and mining companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) or the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Disclosures covered by the 43-101 code include mineral exploration progress, reporting of resources and reserves, and more. 43-101 reports average 500 pages long and can reach 1000 pages. Traditional search which returns a list of documents is not helpful when the documents are so big.

“Partnering with Northern Light on Prospector enabled us to solve an extremely difficult search and content aggregation problem,” Emily King, CEO at Global Venture, said. “43-101s are lengthy, complex documents with many formats and data tables embedded in them. Investors seeking to mine them for a nugget of insight will greatly appreciate the power and versatility of our machine learning-enabled Prospector application developed by Northern Light.”

Northern Light also is developing a custom application for a large pharmaceutical company to collect field intelligence using a voice-driven app; a custom application for a pharmaceutical that identifies regulations and requirements for market research projects to ensure compliance across various regional and national jurisdictions; and a custom portal for a large technical publisher that will present content that addresses a particular vertical use case.

Northern Light’s expertise in search and content aggregation has been honed by years of experience developing and operating strategic research portals for Fortune 1000 companies. Northern Light SinglePoint™ portals, which have a combined total of 250,000 users worldwide, aggregate and index primary market research, licensed research from a wide range of authoritative secondary sources, plus business news and social media, government and industry databases, white papers and conference abstracts. Northern Light’s search engine was designed by the company from the ground up to exploit the attributes commonly found in research reports, business documents, and industry news. And Northern Light uses Google’s TensorFlow library of machine learning algorithms, enabling SinglePoint to automatically synthesize, refine, and present critical information distilled from large collections of market intelligence content within a SinglePoint knowledge management portal, changing the search process profoundly.

“We are inviting organizations to bring us their hardest search and content analysis problems – the ones that drive them crazy because they are so difficult or which create new revenue streams for them if they can be solved – so we can collaborate to solve them,” C. David Seuss, Northern Light’s CEO, said. “When we combine Northern Light’s unparalleled expertise in content aggregation, search and automated analysis of unstructured data with a client’s deep understanding of their specific use case, the solutions we can create together set a new bar for functionality and value to users.”

About Northern Light
Northern Light has been providing knowledge management platforms for competitive intelligence and market research insights to global enterprises since 1996. The company pioneered the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence for the automated analysis and extraction of meaning from large collections of market research and competitive intelligence, and its SinglePoint™ enterprise knowledge management platform was honored as one of KMWorld‘s Trend-Setting Products of 2019. Northern Light’s current clients include Fortune 1000 leaders across multiple industries such as information technology, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and life sciences. Northern Light has over 250,000 users of its strategic research portals.  Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Northern Light has unique content aggregation partnerships with more than 150 of the world’s leading syndicated technology and industry research publishers, aggregates business and technology news from over 6,500 news sources, and is a charter member of the Center for Complex Systems and Enterprises at the Stevens Institute of Technology.

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