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Northern Light wins 2022 KMWorld Readers' Choice Award for content management

Northern Light Wins 2022 KMWorld Readers’ Choice Award and Features Prominently at KMWorld 2022 Conference

BOSTON, MA, Nov. 15, 2022 – Northern Light® received the 2022 KMWorld Readers’ Choice Award for Best Content Management Solution/Services and featured prominently at the KMWorld 2022 conference in Washington, D.C., last week.

This marks the second time in three years that Northern Light has been honored with the KMWorld Readers’ Choice award in recognition of the robust content management capabilities embedded in Northern Light SinglePoint™ market and competitive intelligence portals.  SinglePoint is a custom-built enterprise knowledge management platform that seamlessly integrates and enables full-text search of all of an organization’s research resources.

KMWorld magazine annually invites its readers to nominate and “elect” the innovative products and services they most depend on, in 13 categories related to knowledge management.

“We are honored that KMWorld readers have again seen fit to recognize Northern Light as a content management leader,” Northern Light CEO C. David Seuss said.  “What we are able to do for SinglePoint customers by integrating primary and secondary research content – into a single repository, consistently indexed and deeply tagged – is a tremendous value-add for large enterprises seeking to fully leverage their multi-million-dollar investments in market research.”

KMWorld 2022 conference presentations

At the KMWorld 2022 conference, Seuss delivered two presentations: one about text analytics for strategic business analysis; and the other focused on challenges associated with responsibly and effectively managing web content.

At the Text Analytics Forum, Seuss noted that one area that remains unexploited by text analytics solutions is strategic business analysis.  In his talk, he explored the concepts of “context-specific entities” and “meaning-loaded entities”, both of which can be used to generate automated analysis of business strategies of companies for competitive intelligence.

At Enterprise Search & Discovery, Seuss described how web content that is “free” and “openly accessible” to the public is a fast-growing content category but presents copyright infringement pitfalls.  Seuss noted that enterprises have a significant task on their hands when it comes to populating knowledge management portals with web content, and he presented strategies for maximizing the accuracy and value of the content and limiting potential organizational liability.

“I always appreciate the opportunity to share Northern Light’s experience creating and running market and competitive intelligence portals for large enterprises and lessons we’ve learned along the way,” Seuss said.  “Our innovations in text analytics and AI-based meachine learning applied to knowledge management are a point of pride for Northern Light and we espouse broader adoption of these technologies across the industry.”

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