SinglePoint Strategic Research Portals

A single point of access for all your market research, competitive intelligence, and strategic market intelligence content

“Our company owns a lot of information — a lot. The question is how do we manage that content to get it to the people who can make the best use of it? That’s the value of SinglePoint. That’s our mission. That’s what Northern Light helps us to do.”

–  Market Research Manager and SinglePoint client


SinglePoint delivers on the promise of research-driven competitive advantage by making information easy to find and use. It is a custom-built strategic research portal that seamlessly integrates all of your research resources – including the ability to simultaneously search the full-text of all the major secondary market research provider content licensed by your company.

One user session, one user interface, one search, one search result across all your strategic research.

With SinglePoint from Northern Light you can:

  • Get the most out of your market research budget by leveraging the exclusive arrangements that make Northern Light the only company that can deliver full text search of the major research providers
  • Boost your competitive advantage with more meaningful and faster competitive intelligence search results that shave serious time from research and surveillance tasks and promote better decision making
  • Enjoy the hands-free ease of a secure, hosted, enterprise research portal solution that delivers 99.9% uptime with fewer moving parts to worry about and no need to add bandwidth to IT infrastructure
  • Get productive faster – a custom SinglePoint market intelligence portal can be deployed in 90 days to an unlimited number of users around the world

SinglePoint is the only integrated market research portal that gives your team easy access to a robust set of internal and external information sources – all from a single interface and with one search query.