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Strategic Research Portal with Integrated Machine Learning

BOSTON, MA, Dec. 6, 2017 — Northern Light® ( today announced the first commercial delivery of the machine learning-enabled SinglePoint v11, Northern Light’s platform for competitive intelligence and market research.  The go-live, at an industry-leading computer software company, is the first in a series of customers deployments scheduled for the next quarter, and represents a significant evolutionary step toward the notion of an automated market research assistant.

SinglePoint provides users single-search access to and analysis of primary and licensed secondary research content, relevant social media postings, and business news.  Tens of thousands of marketing, sales, and product development professionals at global enterprises use SinglePoint every month.

SinglePoint v11 features powerful machine learning capabilities for cognitive search based on Google’s TensorFlow library of machine learning algorithms. Northern Light’s machine learning solution enables the system to automatically synthesize, refine, and present critical information distilled from large collections of market intelligence content within a SinglePoint portal.  This changes the search process profoundly.

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