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How many boxes does Northern Light SinglePoint check on the list of AI benefits for competitive intelligence?

A business blog recently published a list of 10 reasons why artificial intelligence (AI) is essential for organizations’ competitive intelligence programs.  Let’s see how many boxes Northern Light SinglePoint™ checks on their list.

Gather thousands of relevant sources – CHECK!  This capability actually begins not with AI, but with having the right content collections (both internal and external research sources) integrated within your organization’s competitive intelligence portal, and then utilizing a business-optimized search engine to find the most on-point documents from within those collections that are responsive to a particular query.  Where AI comes in is when SinglePoint automatically suggests content that may be of interest to a particular researcher based on their past behavior – a feature we call “More Like This” – akin to the product suggestions a shopper receives on Amazon.

Filter information for relevant insights – CHECK! SinglePoint automatically summarizes the most significant ideas contained in the documents on a search result into an easily digestible “Insights Report”.

Act as a watchdog – CHECK!  SinglePoint learns what a user is interested in based on what they download, then (using semantic modeling) recommends content to the user. It’s an AI-generated “Recommended Reading List”!

Visualize trends for clear decision-making – CHECK!  Northern Light’s partnership with KnowledgeHound lets SinglePoint users see data visualizations in their SinglePoint competitive intelligence portals.

Anticipate competitor moves – CHECK!  Once again, this capability starts with content, specifically forward-looking content sets such as syndicated market research and analyst reports and industry thought leaders’ blogs.  Because such content can be integrated, fully indexed and searched within a SinglePoint competitive intelligence portal, strategic planners can apply Northern Light’s AI capabilities to more efficiently extract valuable insights from those documents.

Find new opportunities – CHECK!  From a competitive intelligence perspective, social media channels can be the proverbial “canary in a coal mine”.  Northern Light’s social analytics content collection, which is focused on analyzing Twitter posts, authors and trends, is an ideal tool to suss out competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and through that analysis to identify potential new opportunities for your organization.

Stay ahead of rivals – CHECK!  This is a first cousin to the two topics immediately above.  Securing and reinforcing one’s competitive advantage requires both anticipating competitors’ moves and finding new opportunities, which, as we’ve already stated, can be accomplished more efficiently leveraging the AI-based capabilities embedded within SinglePoint.

Stand out – CHECK!  Understanding key competitors’ brand identities and messaging to the marketplace is the first step in effective competitive differentiation.  An AI-enabled competitive intelligence portal like SinglePoint provides tools to help an organization’s marketing professionals achieve this understanding more quickly and thoroughly than would be possible otherwise.

Learn market dynamics – CHECK!  We’re back to where we started – content – and specifically the importance of being able to integrate authoritative, syndicated market research and analysis from your industry’s go-to sources, whomever they may be, into your organization’s competitive intelligence portal, so it is all accessible from a single search.  Absent single search findability, the strategic value of all that expensive subscription content is dramatically reduced.

Propel innovation – CHECK!  This point speaks to the use of AI-enabled competitive intelligence in the R&D, product design and development functions within an organization.  SinglePoint is well entrenched in these departments, as well as strategic planning, marketing, sales and others at the enterprises Northern Light serves.

Hey, that’s 10 out of 10 – a perfect score!  Now, if only we could be that successful picking the winners of next weekend’s NFL games in the virtual office pool…


To discuss the benefits of embedding AI capabilities in your organization’s competitive intelligence portal, contact Northern Light.

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