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Insights on #COVID19 and #Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is the number-one news story in America. To date, the virus, which first…

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CI Quiz

How effective is your company’s CI program? Take the quiz!

How effective is your company’s Competitive Intelligence (CI) program? Does your business have the tools…

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machine learning

See 2020 With 20/20 Vision

The year 2020 has long represented “The Future.” Many recent sci-fi films were set in…

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science of social media

Social Analytics and the Science of Social Media

iHop’s International House of Burgers. Dove’s Project #Show Us. Gillette’s TheBestMenCanBe. Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino. These…

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“Obvious” Hashtags Can Lead To Confusion And Mis-Matched Messages

Hashtags are the words or phrases users of Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms…

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pharmaceutical companies

Social Analytics Helps Pharma Companies Keep Watch Over Social Media

Social media represents both a major opportunity and a compliance risk for U.S. pharmaceutical companies.…

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knowledge management systems

Northern Light/KnowledgeHound Partnership Helps “Power Up” Searches

Ready to become a search super-hero? Northern Light has partnered with KnowledgeHound, a prominent data…

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Fair use

Fair Use and Aggregating Web Content: Keeping Your Company Safe

“The best things in life are free,” sang the Beatles. And yes, although a lot…

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Hashtags reveal customer sentiment

So, Tell Me How You Really Feel: How Hashtags Reveal Customers’ Sentiments

"I thought the play was very…. interesting." "She has a great personality." "That tie certainly…

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