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Northern Light and KnowledgeHound Team Up

Northern Light® and KnowledgeHound today announced a partnership to advance comprehensive knowledge management (KM) capabilities at large enterprises. The two companies are jointly marketing their solutions for searching and analyzing text and data, respectively, to help business professionals glean and share insights from market, customer and competitive intelligence research to inform decision-making.

In a joint arrangement where Northern Light is providing the KM system and search of textual material, KnowledgeHound provides querying and display of data analytics. In this model, textual content (PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, XML) and multimedia objects (videos, audio tracks) are held at Northern Light and data files (SAS files, SPSS files, spreadsheets, etc.) are held at KnowledgeHound. Each company applies its search and visualization technology to the content it holds, but access to the two repositories is unified through the SinglePoint portal.

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