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SinglePoint’s generative AI capability gets “conversational”

Knowledge management gets “smarter” with conversational AI

Northern Light was first to offer a generative AI capability in a knowledge management platform for market and competitive intelligence when we launched our question answering feature back in March.  It gives business researchers a head-start on whatever their topic of inquiry is by synthesizing key points directly responsive to a user’s query in a coherent, narrative form from the 20 most relevant documents in a search result.

Now, Northern Light is extending that capability by enabling SinglePoint™ users to engage in a “conversation” with the platform about a single document.  Think of it as working your way down an information funnel by zeroing in on a particular piece of content and engaging in a series of increasingly refined user-machine interactions to reveal greater details and deeper insights.

The evolution of generative AI in knowledge management

This conversational approach to drilling into a single document was an inevitable next step in Northern Light’s implementation of generative AI in SinglePoint.  We started by producing two types of summaries in response to a user’s question: the first is a document-by-document summary; the second is an “executive summary” – a synthesis of all the document-specific summarized responses.

Our approach not only has been catching the attention of our Fortune 1000 clients, many of whom are lining up to add generative AI to their SinglePoint implementations, it also earned Northern Light a spot on KM World magazine’s 2023 list of Trend-Setting Products – a roster “composed of the offerings of forward-thinking vendors that are leading the way in innovation,” according to KM World’s publisher.

Avoiding generative AI pitfalls

An important piece of Northern Light’s innovation relative to embedding generative AI into an enterprise knowledge management application is mitigating some of the well-known potential pitfalls of the technology.  For example, all the generative AI-written text from SinglePoint contains embedded citations and hot links to the source documents from which each nugget of information or insight is derived.  And those source documents are limited to the client’s well-vetted SinglePoint content collections – Northern Light Business News, primary and licensed secondary market research reports, industry journals and databases, corporate financial reports, and more – so the accuracy of the information is very high.  Reliable sources and content are the key to mitigating the “hallucination” problem associated with generative AI that draws its information from the general internet.

Northern Light isn’t alone in espousing the value of generative AI in a knowledge management platform geared toward market research and competitive intelligence.  The Deloitte AI Institute, a highly respected authority and business thought leader, recently wrote, “By harnessing generative AI’s capacity to read and summarize vast amounts of relevant material, companies can expedite market research and gain concise insights for effective decision-making.”

That value will only be enhanced by the addition of a “conversational” facility to query a particular document to the ability to summarize insights from multiple documents found in a search result.

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